The nature programme "Go to Forest ... from Vargamäe!" is aimed at students at different school levels. The programme is a good supplement to the classes of Estonian literature, history and nature studies. The programme consists of the following activities:
  • Guided tour at the Filmi Vargamäe Visitor Center to learn about stories related to the making of the movie "Truth and Justice" and visit the main filming locations - Mäe Farm buildings, the mock-up of Oru Farm, sauna, well, Andres's stone and spruce-cutting field.
  • Guided forest tour and activities at RMK Pähni Visitor Center to learn about nature topics related to the Vargamäe-story (marshes and forest, timber and its usage, environmental changes due to human activities). Trough interesting games and activities students shall learn to know forest and get connected to nature.
The length of the programme is about 2,5 hours (visit to Filmi Vargamäe Visitor Center 1 h, transport between centers 0,5 h and visit to RMK Pähni Visitor Center 1 h).

The programme can be ordered from 1st May to 30th September. The orders are requested to be placed at least 5 days in advance.

The price of the programme per person:
group up to 10 students → 14 EUR

group of 11 to 25 students → 12 EUR

group of 26 - ... students → 10 EUR
The accompanying teachers can participate in the programme free of charge.