The Estonian grand movie "Truth and Justice" was prepared to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. The movie is based on first part of the respective novel by the Estonian writer, A.H. Tammsaare. The director and screenwriter of the movie is Tanel Toom. A wide range of interesting Estonian actors and actresses have taken part in the movie, altogether 102 and extras. In lead roles there are Priit Loog (Andres), Maiken Schmidt (Krõõt), Ester Kuntu (Mari), Priit Võigemast (Pearu), Simeoni Sundja (Juss), Indrek Sammul (Madis) and Marika Vaarik. 

The premiere of "Truth and Justice"  was on 20th February 2019. The shooting started in 2017 and it took about 1,5 years and 75 shooting days to prepare the movie. The majority of scenes were filmed in the current location of the Filmi Vargamäe Visitor Cener in Vastse-Roosa where the whole complex was specifically built for the movie. It was decided to create Vargamäe (the Robber's Hill) into this location in Võru County because the buildings and landscape in historical Vargamäe museum in Järva County  were considered way to modern by the director. Among other movie locations where the shooting took place there are many more beautiful Estonian places such as the churces of Järva-Madise and Järva-Peetri, the inn of Vastseliina and the old parish house of Esna. The facade of Oru Pearu house was filmed in the Estonian Open Air Museum (Rocca al Mare) and the stone fence  was filmed in Nõva village in Läänemaa.

For the purpose of the movie the necessary farm fields were created next to the houses of the farm complex. The actors and actresses learned the old ways of handicraft and farm work. Since there is no power supply in the location of Vargamäe, a power generator was used through all shooting. In addition to the farm complex shown in the movie, the location was equipped by temporary settlements, buildings and other infrastructure (costume warehouses, catering area, roads, parking lot, etc). The budget of the movie was 2,5 mio EUR.