VISITING THE CENTER:                                                                                                         

  • Tour in the area and buildings of the Visitor Center during opening hours of the Center, including access to virtual visitor center (virtual points of interest linked to QR codes)
  • Pre-booked guided tour (1-1,5 hours) to introduce stories related to the making of the movie and the Center  at any time, incl outside of regular opening hours. A little refreshment or catering for additional fee at the request of the client can be ordered.


Nature programmes in cooperation with RMK Pähni Visitor Center:
"Nature Friend's Vargamäe"
"Go to Forest .... from Vargamäe!"

Heritage programmes in cooperation with Mõniste Rural Life Museum:
"The Playground of Vargamäe Children"
"Daily Vargamäe"
"Youth in Vargamäe"
"Vargamäe from Cradle to Grave"

Experience programmes:
"Dinner at Filmi Vargamäe" in cooperation with Saarsilla Talukohvik
"Vargamäe Sauna Evening" in cooperation with Mõniste Rural Life Museum

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