The Visitor Center is open from May 18 to September 15 at 11-17:
18.05-20.06 and 19.08-15.09 Sat-Sun 
21.06-18.08 Wen-Sun

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Welcome to Filmi Vargamäe Visitor Center! Here the shooting of the Estonian movie "Truth and Justice" took place in 2017 and 2018. The buildings and settlement in this location were initially established for movie purposes only. However, the movie location became so special and homely that the film makers decided to keep it. This marks the start of the Filmi Vargamäe Visitor Center.

The size of the Filmi Vargamäe area is about 12 ha. Fields form the majority of it. In the centre of the area the Mäe Andres Farm with its four buildings is located. Around it, the other locations familiar from the movie can be seen: the sauna, the stone of Andres, the field where the spruce cutting took place, and naturally, the farm complex of neighbouring Oru Pearu. The Center is unique because one part of it is authentic Estonian farm complex while the other part of it belongs to movie world. Come and discover Filmi Vargamäe!

Opening times:
May 18 - June 20 Sat-Sun at 11:00-17:00
June 21 - August 18 Wen-Sun at 11:00-17:00
August 19 - September 15 Sat-Sun at 11:00-17:00